The History of 

Bible Baptist Church


The Beginning...

In 1979 a number of French Canadian families in Nashua became frustrated by changes in the CatWilson Ewinholic church and they resolved to open the Bible and discover for themselves what the Bible says about Catholic dogma they had learned growing up. They were shocked to learn that the Bible taught that salvation was by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ and His substitutionary work upon the cross. They began to discover that much of what they had been taught by the Catholic church was not at all what the Bible taught, so they began rigorous Bible studies in each others homes. During this time many of them placed their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ alone and His work done for them upon the cross. Bible Baptist Church (BBC) was organized in the summer of 1980 by Wilson Ewin of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Lennoxville (Quebec, Canada).  Pastor Ewin became the first Pastor of the newly formed BBC. He served as pastor from July of 1980 to February 1990. In the early days of the church, the church met in the Disabled American Veterans Hall in Nashua and then in the reception hall of Richard’s Catering.

An effective witness...

Pastor Ewin had a well-known reputation for being an effective witness to Roman Catholics, and was an evangelistic preacher of the Gospel. He also authored quite a few books and booklets on various topics such as: Evangelizing Catholics, the errors of Pentecostalism and New-evangelicalsim, and a variety of other topics.

The Acquisition of our present location...

The present church property, between 62 Caldwell and 117 Fairview, was purchased in October of 1986. Most of the founding members had extensive building and construction skills, which they used in the Lord’s service to construct the present parsonage and church building. After the completion of the main parsonage, services were held in the basement of the parsonage for a number of years. At the same time, construction on the church building was ongoing.

An interim leadership...Dan Quigley

After the departure of Pastor Ewin, several men from local churches in the area helped fill the pulpit for a short time. Then, in 1991, Dan Quigley was called to be the pastor of the church. Pastor Daniel Quigley served as part-time pastor from 1991 to 2000. During his minitry at BBC, Pastor Quigley led the church in accomplishing several major objectives for the church such as: major strides in completing and improving the grounds and facilities, finacial stability, and continued spiritual growth. In late December of 2000, Pastor Quigley resigned as pastor of Bible Baptist Church. We are extremely indebted to Pastor Quigley and his family for their personal sacrifice and for his stable, focused leadership.

Bible Baptist wMike Pillsburyas again without a pastor for a short time. During this time, several men were a great help to our church in filling the pulpit. In 2002, Bible Baptist asked Michael Pillsbury, one of these men filling the pulpit on a regular basis, to pastor BBC. He graciously accepted the call, and served as our pastor.  Although he came on as part-time pastor, he performed full-time oversight of the flock, and quickly demonstrated his gift of administration in the numerous pastoral duties. Pastor Pillsbury demonstrated a great love for the church and for the Lord. During his ministry the church grew in many ways, and quickly demonstrated the need for a full-time pastor to lead the church into its next stage of growth. Pastor Pillsbury, seeing this need, resigned Bible Baptist in June of 2005.


Our present pastor and his background...Steve Bates

In the spring of 2005, stepping out by faith, BBC began searching for a man who would come and pastor the church full-time. Through a series of events, the Lord led BBC to contact Steve Bates. After a number of meetings and with much prayer, BBC voted unanimously to call Bro. Bates as pastor in June of 2005. He accepted that invitation and began his ministry with us on August 7, 2005. He and his wife, Stephanie, have three daughters: Charity, Megan, and Rachel.

A finished auditorium...

In May of 2011, Pastor Bates shared with the church a burden that he  believed God had laid on his heart that it was time to finish the church auditorium.  The church had been meeting in the finished ground floor of its building for over ten years while the upstairs remained completely unfinished.  In July, two months later, a sacrificial offering was collected.  God did marvellous things in our eyes on that day with a single offering of $152,000.  Construction began within days and the first service was held in our new auditorium on December 18, 2011! 

Excited about God’s future plans for BBC...

As one of the Lord’s churches, we believe our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, is desirous to see a thriving, growing "pillar and ground of the truth" in the wonderful city of Nashua, NH. We know that He has seen to the establishment of this assembly in this city and we count it an honor to serve this city while preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ in Nashua, NH. It is our earnest desire to please Him above all things and to accomplish the Great Commission in our city and beyond!

To God be the Glory,

Great things HE hath done! 

Through the years...

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We are still a

Bible-Believing, independent, local, New Testament, Baptist church, earnestly contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, and we are committed to preaching the glorious gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to our city

and beyond!