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Bible Baptist Church

Contact Information

We are grateful for your visit to our web-site and would love to hear from you. We have several means by which you may contact us:


By Telephone:   603.889.4426

By Email:             pastorbates@bbcn.org 

By Mail:               62 Caldwell Rd.  Nashua, NH 03060

By Webform:     See left side of page      


It is our goal to help our website visitors to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, if you have not done so already.  But also to encourage every believer to have a faithful relationship with Christ.  If you ae searching for a New Testament church we encourage you to arrange a visit to our church and a visit with our Pastor. 

Perhaps you read the Gospel presentation on our site and have further questions, if so we would love give you a Bible answer for how you can have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.  

What will BBC do with your contact information?

What will we do with your contact information? First, be assured that we will not share your contact information with anyone outside of the ministry of Bible Baptist Church. Your information will not be sold or shared to any third party. Further, we will be delighted to respond to your contact form submission as a ministry of our church and with the love of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.