Bible Baptist School of the Bible

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What is the purpose of BBSB?

Bible Baptist School of the Bible (BBSB) is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church (BBC) of Nashua, New Hampshire. We believe strongly that II Tim. 2:2 gives the practical summation of Why BBSB has been established. Thus, BBSB has been founded upon the instruction of Paul, by way of the Holy Spirit, that “the things” which we have been taught biblically from God’s Word should be committed to other "faithful men" so that they, in turn, can pass those “things” on just as they have received them! It is our belief that every NT church has a vested interest in this very practical truth.

It is our desire to train God’s people to become effective ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ by building their spiritual character, broadening their theological knowledge, sharpening their biblical skills, and helping them apply the Divine truths of Scripture.

Why be trained under the authority of a local NT church?

One of the great tragedies of NT Christianity today is that, far too often, when church members desire a greater detailed teaching of Scripture or when a young man believes that the Lord would have him preach God’s Word these individuals begin looking (many times at the prompting of their pastor/leaders in their assembly) outside of the Lord’s churches for a “Bible College/Seminary” (where “serious” or “real” Bible teaching is accomplished). This is unfortunate because one must look outside of Scripture to find a basis for doing so.

We believe that the center of a believer’s biblical learning is to be in the local, NT church (Acts 18:24-28; cf. I Cor.16:19) where he/she will be taught “all the counsel of God” which is why “the house of God, which is the church of the living God” is called the “pillar and ground of the truth” (I Tim. 3:15).

Who can attend BBSB?

Any believer that has a desire to get into the details of Scripture and that is able to sacrifice additional time in which they can focus diligently upon the rich study of God’s Word would be a prime candidate for a BBSB course! Although someone may audit a course (sit in on the lectures and even participate as they choose), BBSB will require that those students that are working towards a Certificate of Theology (highly recommended) from BBSB will need to complete certain course requirements! We believe that this approach will be the most beneficial to the students.

What would be the benefits of accomplishing the given requirements for a course at BBSB?

The student will be challenged to study more diligently than perhaps he would regularly study. The student will be given required course reading, quizzes, tests, and short papers to write. There are many advantages to this approach. Students will be forced to be more precise in their theology as they study and write down in their own words the doctrines, principles, and teachings that have been committed to them.

What would be the cost involved?

The cost involved would be a sacrifice of time and covering the cost of the printed materials required for the class syllabus ($20.00) and any book(s) that the student will purchase for the required reading.

Certificates are offered

Certificates are offered at the completion of one, three, and five years of advanced Biblical studies. Classes are free. We invite all of our church members to take a class as their schedules permit. We do invite those in the community to join us as well. Classes are offered as scheduled.

For more information

For more information please call the church office and set up a time to speak with the Pastor Bates.