Sunday Bible Classes

On every Lord’s Day, Bible classes are taught for every age group from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. We endeavor to teach with a balanced blend of sound Bible doctrine and practical training. These classes are taught by faithful Christian servants from within our church.

  • Men's Class

    This class is taught by Marc Couture. He has a heart to teach "faithful men" (2 Timothy 2:2). It is an informal setting in which each of the attendees is encouraged to participate in the discussion of the Bible's theology and application in our lives, families, and church. 

  • Ladies' Class

    This class is taught by Sharri Mitchell. Sharri sees this as an informal time that the young ladies and ladies of the church can look to the Scripture for very applicable life applications to the ladies attending.

  • Teen Class

    This class is taught by Eric Couture. Bro. Eric challenges our teens to know the Scriptures for themselves. We believe passionately that young people must "Buy the truth" themselves and not simply rent the truth of their parents. The class is meant to challenge the teens to develop their own walk with God and to be always ready to give an answer to any that have questions about their faith.

  • Age Appropriate Classes

    We presently have two classes for the children (1st - 6th grades) attending. Jennifer Hackendorf and Hope Umanita teach the Primary class (1st - 3rd grade), while Kevin Johnson teaches the Juniors class (4th - 6th grade). These classes seek to invest in our treasured youth the simple truths of God's Word. BBC uses the Joyful Life curriculum and teach the young people the Bible stories of Scripture while seeking to make application to their young lives.