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Would you consider hosting

a  Home Bible Study in your own Home?

   If you find that reading your Bible is difficult and even frustrating at times or perhaps you simply desire to know “How” you can understand what the BIBLE (not organized religion) teaches, then why not host a Bible Study in your home?

A variety of topics will be discussed…Home Bible Study Logo

  • What is the Bible and how was it given to man?
  • Why was the Bible written and is it even reliable?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • How can the Bible help you in in your every day life?
  • Who is God and how can you know Him?
  • Who is Jesus Christ and why did He die?
  • Is there really a heaven? If so, does that mean there is also a hell?
  • What was Jesus Christ’s message?
  • Why so many religions?

…And many more!

Top 5 reasons to Host a Home Bible Study…

  • Ever wanted to stop a preacher/teacher and just say, “But what about…?” or “I don’t understand!” ~ Now you can!
  • No obligation! If at any time you feel your no longer interested then no problem!
  • We would work out a time that would fit your schedule!
  • You would be in your own living area which would be convenient and enjoyable for you!
  • You will gain a vast amount of knowledge about your Bible and will have a solid base to begin your study of it from here on out!

   Many people participate in Home Bible studies and find it a very refreshing and encouraging time. It’s an opportunity to set aside a few short weeks and break away from the normal routine of television or our set schedules. It allows you to focus on time with family, a spouse, or friends as you gather in the comfort and convenience of your home to learn “How to Study your Bible.” A married couple from Bible Baptist Church would be honored to come to your home (at your convenience) and simply teach a seven week Home Bible Study with the focus on “How To Study Your Bible!” (All materials, even a Bible, will be supplied free of charge by us!)

If you would be interested in knowing more about hosting a “Home Bible Study” in your home or if you have any questions you might like to ask then simply contact us for this information.