Youth Ministries

  • Children's Ministries

    It is such a blessing to see children come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour at an early age! We also recognize that it is the responsibility of parents to train up their children in the way they should go. However, we rejoice when parents allow BBC to have a role in the Biblcal instruction of their children. It is with great concern that we endeavour to teach children the eternal truths of the Word of God. What a rich blessing to see children growing in the truth as they sit in classes specifically designed for their age level. They will be excited as they learn about the Bible and the God of the Bible! To read more about our children's ministries click here.

  • Teen's Ministry

    We challenge the teenagers of Bible Baptist Church to make wisdom the principal priority of their lives in accordance with Proverbs. We are thankful for the special privilege to minister to young people at very formative times in their young lives. We know that young people are the target of a worldview that is counter to that of the Scripture and therefore we endeavour to answer questions, teach life principles, and to give them a godly wholesome environment that they may fellowship with other youth through weekly Bible study and periodically scheduled activities! To read more about our Teen ministry click here.

  • Nursery Ministry

    We are thrilled to offer all of our visitors and church members a well equipped, clean, and staffed nursery for parents that have children ranging from infant to three years old. We hope this ministry would allow parents to sit through a given church service and focus their attention upon the worship of God and the preaching of His Word without distraction. We love children and young families and want to rightly minister to each family each and every service. To read more about the church nursery ministry click here.